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In 1967 FISHER BROS. put on an excellent one ring performance at Mackinaw City, Michigan. Really snappy music was provided by two young fellows. One spun appropriate phonograph records while the other did a super job of accompanying the lively tunes with a snare drum, base drum and cymbals. Their efforts really perked up the show. A year later the drummer was touring with a Canadian Circus. There was a good clip of him in action on a CBC video production. You'll read more about him on the BARNES & DAILY pages.

The high spot of the FISHER BROS. CIRCUS was a small, but very talented elephant.

You will note from the poster that the admission price was ONE WHOLE DOLLAR! And the entertainment provided was well worth every penny!

Only once in my life have I run into a better Circus bargain. It was back in the 30's during the Michigan State Fair. Held in the Colosseum, the admission price was only 25 cents and the performers rivaled some of Ringling's top acts. The high wire artists, for example, were every bit as good as the Wallendas.

FISHER BROS. returned to the area again in 1976 when they played Mackinaw City, Michigan on July 9th and Cheboygan, Michigan on the 10th.

This rig has been especially painted to celebrate
the nation's Bicentennial. It is seen here on the Mackinaw City lot.

This is a view of the tent and canvas truck. Back in 1967 the show was set up over a mile west of this location, on a huge, well mown grassy field. However, in 1976, the lot was located right on the main street, Central Avenue, in downtown Mackinaw City.

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